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Get to know BA Racoma:

1) What do you do? I am an Applied Physicist currently taking up MS Geology.

2) Where do you work? I am one of the programmers of the ClimateX component under DOST Project NOAH. We are based in the National Institute of Geological Sciences in UP Diliman.

3) Tell us about the photos?

Left: Me with my labmate Cath Abon who is taking up her PhD in Geoecology and Hydrology in Potsdam University, Germany. We were undergoing training for flood simulation software at a colleague’s house at that time.

Informal: Under the sea with my scientist girlfriend, Nicnic Mancenido who is currently a PhD student in Marine Science at the UP-Marine Science Institute. For us, SCUBA diving might just be entertainment and science at the same time.

4) Anything else you’d like to share? I love technology and eating. But I don’t eat technology. Follow our weather updates @PHClimateX. I also have a (seldomly updated) blog.

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